Honda WSP100AA 150GPM (1 HP) SubmersibleTrash Water Pump


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Features for the Honda WSP100AA


This larger, higher capacity Honda WSP100AA Submersible Trash Water Pump moves up to 150 GPM and pass solids up to 2" while partially or fully submerged. Use this pump continuously in temperatures up to 104°F or in an intermittent basis in temperatures up to 140°F. It's ideal for draining basements, window wells, and garden irrigation. These submersible pumps work great for applications needing continuous water supply from one place to another.

  • Submersible Trash Pump:Plug the pump into a standard outlet for 115 volt power with a 25 ft. heavy duty cord. This pump can be operated while it’s partially or fully submerged.
  • GPM and Solid Handlings:Can move water up to a 150 GPM and handle solids up to 2".
  • Continuous Duty:This pump is built to be used 7 days a week for 24 hours a day in temperatures up to 104°F and up to 140°F in irregular intervals.
  • Stainless Steel Casing:Damage and repair are minimized with a stainless steel casing that won’t rust or corrode.
  • Thermal Reset Switch:Automatically resets the pump after cool down if overheating has occurred protecting the motor.
  • Applications:Clear, slimy, mucky, silt water, high solid content, slow seepage, manholes, basement draining, window wells and decorative fountains.

Technical Specs for the Honda WSP100AA*

Residential Warranty 1 Year
Commercial Warranty 1 Year

Width (in.) 9 inches
Height (in.) 22.8 inches
Weight (lbs.) 41 lbs.

Power 1 hp
Voltage 115V
Amps Starting 47 amps 
Running 11.1 amps

Cord Length 25 ft.

Pump Style Submersible Trash
Pump Style Submersible Trash Pump
Impeller Single Channel Stainless Steel
Mechanical Seal Tandem Mechanical Carbon/Ceramic-upper SIC/SIC-lower
Gallons Per Minute 150 GPM
Inlet Diameter 2 inches
Maximum Pressure 18 PSI
Solids Handling 2 inches
Duty Continuous
Overhead Protection Built-In Thermal Automatic Reset
Discharge Type Side

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