Makita EK8100 16'81cc Power Cutter


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Features for the Makita EK8100 - Power Cutter


The EK8100 is a 16'', 5.6 HP, 81cc power cutter by Makita. It was purely engineered as a powerhouse that has many elements of comfort and convenience. 15% improved fuel consumption because of an SLR muffler is just one example of a convenient feature offered by this item.

Many of the other features work to increase the overall comfort, optimization, starting, precision, and convenience of this piece of equipment. Despite everything this cutter offers, it is truly exceptional at delivering one thing. Raw power.

  • Comfort:This model features cushioned operator grips, vibration absorption buffers, and a 2-mass dampening system that greatly increases comfort during use.
  • Fuel Optimization:An improved decompression valve and metering spring helps to precisely regulate fuel.
  • Easier Starting:The ignition coil stores electrical energy that is used during startup to make the process easier and more efficient.
  • Precision:The cutting arm enters a flushed position from the center position extremely easily, allowing for adjacent curb, wall, or above-ground cuts.
  • Water Kit:A water kit that can be used with a garden hose, gravity tank, or pressure tank is fastened to the saw.
  • Includes:EK8100 16’’ 81cc Power Cutter, (1) Universal Wrench, (1) Torx Wrench, (1) Carburetor Screwdriver, (1) Adapter Ring (20mm to 1’’), (1) 16’’ Abrasive Cut-Off Wheel, Masonry

Technical Specs for the Makita EK8100 - Power Cutter*

Displacement(cc) 81 cc
Power 5.6 HP
Fuel Capacity 37 oz.

Cutting Equipment
Max Cutting Depth 5-3/4''

Weight (lbs.) 23.3 lbs.

Residential Warranty 1 year

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