Makita EK7651H MM4 4-Stroke 14 75.6cc Power Cutter


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Features for the Makita EK7651H - Power Cutter


Blade Not Included

Tired of fuel mixing and engine failure from an improper mix? The EK7651H is an MM4 4-Stroke power cutter by Makita. The need for mixing fuel and dealing with separate fuel cans is completely gone with this powerful piece of equipment.

In addition to the convenience of no longer having to deal with fuel mixing, this 14’’, 75.6cc power cutter offers an immense amount of strength, comfort, and additional helpful features.

Low noise, easy starting, great weather performance, increased durability, extended engine life, easy maintenance and cleaning, and greater overall convenience are just a few of the added benefits of the features of the EK7651H.

  • Comfort:This model features cushioned operator grips and vibration-absorption buffers that greatly increase comfort during use.
  • Fuel Optimization:A pressure compensated carburetor provides optimum fuel delivery while an external fuel tank vent eliminates any kind of pressure build up. Overall, the EK7651H consumes only .45 gallons per hour and has an easily accessible fuel filter that can be replaced without the use of any specific tools.
  • Easier Starting:An automatic engine decompression valve in the cam gear greatly reduces the amount of strength needed to start the equipment.
  • Longer Engine Life:Engine durability and life is increased as a result of advanced oil separation, a lubrication system, a three ring piston, and a foam-paper-nylon filtration system that provides cleaner air. Specially treated rods, followers, and valves also help to extend the life of the EK7651H’s engine.
  • Precision:The cutting arm enters a flushed position from the center position extremely easily, allowing for adjacent curb, wall, or above-ground cuts.
  • Low Noise:This model reaches a maximum noise level of only 93.2 dB and has a smooth idle that is ideal for constant operation.
  • Includes:EK7651H 14’’ 75.6cc MM4 Power Cutter, (1) Torx Wrench, (1) Screwdriver, (1) Adapter Ring (20mm to 1’’), (1) Tool Kit, (1) Oil Bottle, (1) Water Supply Kit, (1) 13/16 Wrench

Technical Specs for the Makita EK7651H - Power Cutter*

Displacement(cc) 75.6 cc
Power 4.1 HP
Fuel Capacity 37 oz.

Cutting Equipment
Max Cutting Depth 4-13/16''

Weight (lbs.) 28.3 lbs.

Residential Warranty 1 year

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