Makita EK6101 14 inch 61cc Power Cutter


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Features for the Makita EK6101 - Power Cutter


Blade Not Included

The Makita EK6101 is a 14’’ 61cc power cutter with a compact design that delivers commercial power and results at only 19.6 lbs. It has several features that make starting easier, reduce noise, absorb vibration, and increase its overall life and efficiency.

Stratified Air Scavenging (SAS) pushes burned gases through the exhaust outlet which recovers 75% of unburned fuel and reduces fuel consumption by 20%. There are many other advanced features such as cyclonic air intake that increases air filter life, a spring assisted start capacitor that reduces pull force needed to start, and much more.

  • Comfort and Endurance:This power cutter has an aluminum guard along with wheel pressure plates that help to reduce its overall weight. Lower noise (97 dB), smoother idle, and sliding front engine mounts that absorb vibration will make your experience using this equipment much more comfortable!
  • Easier Monitoring and Refueling:A clear fuel tank window with a fuel level indicator allows you to easily check the fuel level of your power cutter. The filler neck is in a vertical position for conventional refueling.
  • Water Pressure Control Knob:Offers more accurate flow rate adjustments.
  • Smooth Power:Max cutting depth is increased to 5-1/8’’ with a smaller hub and drive wheel assembly. A multi-ribbed, self-tensioning belt provides a smoother and more consistent power transfer.
  • Longer Filter Life:A larger surface intake and filter system will greatly extend filter and overall equipment life.
  • Includes:EK6101 14’’ 64cc Power Cutter, (1) Universal Wrench, (1) Torx Wrench, (1) Carburetor Screwdriver, (1) Adapter Ring (20mm to 1’’)

Technical Specs for the Makita EK6101 - Power Cutter*

Displacement(cc) 61 cc
Power 4.4 HP
Fuel Capacity 23.6 oz.

Cutting Equipment
Max Cutting Depth 5-1/8''

Weight (lbs.) 19.6 lbs.

Residential Warranty 1 year

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