Dolmar PC-7414 14 73cc Power Cutter


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Features for the Dolmar PC-7414 - Power Cutter


The Dolmar PC-7414 has the strength to cut through the toughest materials with its 73cc, 5.1 HP engine. It is considered to be among the best available on the market by experts in the construction, garden, and agriculture fields.

It is also designed to be compact, lightweight, easy to handle, and durable. This power cutter also has many built-in features that work to increase comfort and efficiency while on the job.

SLR technology creates lower emissions according to 2002/88/EC to reduce harm to the environment. Fuel consumption is decreased by up to 15% to save fuel costs.

  • MPI Technology:MPI (Memory Power Ignition) technology for easier restarting.
  • Long Filter Life:A 5-stage air filter system helps your equipment last longer and be used more effectively.
  • Paper Filter:Paper filter with longitudinal gills.
  • Optimal Cooling:Optimal air flow will help your equipment to stay cool during heavy usage.
  • Low Vibration:A vibration-proof cover hood fastening creates significantly lower amounts of vibration that will help to protect you from hand and arm strain.
  • Automatic Gas Level:Automatic gas level at cold start/choke position.
  • One Switch:The PC-7414 can be very easily operated with a one lever switch with clearly defined positions.
  • Head Decompression Valve:Head decompression valve with rubber cover for heat protection.

Technical Specs for the Dolmar PC-7414 - Power Cutter*

Displacement(cc) 73 cc
Power 5.1 HP
Engine Brand DOLMAR
Fuel Capacity 37 oz.
Rotational Speed No load RPM: 9,400 RPM
Max spindle speed: 4,300 RPM

Cutting Equipment
Max Cutting Depth 122 mm

Weight (lbs.) 22 lbs. (without blade)

Residential Warranty 2 years

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