Oregon LM300 Cordless Battery-Powered 16" Lawn Mower (Battery + Charger Included)


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Features for the Oregon LM300

Oregon features this new LM300 Lawn Mower Kit which not only provides the new LM300 Lawn Mower but also adds the A6 4.0 Ah battery and standard charger to your purchase. The A6 4.0 Ah battery can power through 7,000 square feet of yard work. The standard charger being included provides immediate recharging when the battery gets low. The new LM300 Lawn Mower possesses the power capacity to cut any residential yard and allow your yard to stand out in the neighborhood.

  • A6 4.0 Ah Battery:Comes with the LM300 Lawn Mower, able to power through 7,000 square feet of yard work. Stays dependable and on the go.
  • Standard Charger:Comes with the LM300 Lawn Mower and 4.0 Ah Battery, able to charge up the 4.0 Ah battery quickly so your able to get back out and mow.
  • High Performance:Cuts more grass with fewer passes, the brushless motor delivers enhanced torque that allows you to cut higher grass and tough vegetation across rough terrain.
  • Light Weight:The LM300 is light-weight (only 35.9 lbs with battery), easy to maneuver, perfect for mowing around flower beds.
  • Steel Deck:The LM400's steel deck gives it the muscular look of a gas mower, without emissions and excess noise. Brings the volume down while staying very sturdy.
  • 6 Adjustable Cutting Positions:Allows you to adjust to 6 different cutting positions allowing you to work in every season and on every type of lawn.

Technical Specs for the Oregon LM300

Cutting Deck
Cutting Width : 16 inches

Weight (lbs.) : 35.9 lbs with battery

Cutting Deck
Cutting Methods : 6 cutting positions
Cutting Deck Material : Steel Deck

Collector Volume : 13.2 gal (1.4 bushel) debris bag

Emission, Vibration and Noise
Noise Level : Low Noise Level

Battery : Dual battery for extended run times

Residential Warranty : 3 years
Commercial Warranty : 2 years


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