Husqvarna 430X Robotic AutoMower 3/4 Acre Cut w GPS Navigation


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The future of mowing is here. Husqvarna's 430X Automower is the perfect mower for yards that are about 3/4 of an acre large. This handy little automower is packed with loads of features such as gps navigation, a backlit keypad, a rubber bumper, memory profiles, spot cutting, electric height adjustment and more. This mower is the future of mowing, just set the boundaries and let your mower go, it will return to it's housing after mowing your grass to recharge. Just set it and forget it!

So how does it work? First, place the boundary wire along the perimeter of your lawn (up to 3/4 acre) starting from the charging station. Then set the Automower loose with a full charge. It will cut all the grass contained within the boundary you have outlined. Check out the video below to see setup demonstrations.

  • Battery-Powered:135 minute average run time on a full charge. Charging only takes about 65 minutes.
  • Working Area Capacity:The 3/4 acre capacity is perfect for residential lawns.
  • Guide Wire Installation Kit (Sold Separately):Includes guide wire, staples, splicers and connectors in different numbers and length, suitable for your lawn size. Setup the boundary of your lawn with the guide wire. 3 sizes to choose from (S, M, L).
  • GPS Navigation:GPS capability means your automower will go exactly where it needs to for the most efficient cut!
  • Low Noise & No Emissions:Much quieter than a walk mower, and no harmful emissions.
  • 3 Razor Sharp Pivoting Blades:The cutting disc has 3 sharp blades that rotate to cut grass evenly and clean for a healthy cut each time.
  • Charging System:Automatic charging station will charge the mower in 60 minutes.
  • Anti-Theft and Safety Features:Equipped with an alarm, pin code, installation lock, tilt sensor, lift sensor, and time lock.
  • Rubber Bumper:Protects your mower from bumping in to obstacles.
  • 45% Maximum Incline:Handles inclines up to a 40% grade.
  • LCD Display w/ Backlit Keypad:19 buttons control the settings and menu, allowing you to schedule your mow time and much more.
  • Weather Proof:Operates in the rain or shine, regardless of temperature.
  • Extra Features:Rubber Bumper, Painted Hubcaps, Weather Timer and more!
  • Additional Accessories:9 extra blades, 200 guide wire staples.

Technical Specs for the Husqvarna 430X - Robotic Lawn Mower

Battery : Li-Ion
Run Time : 135 Minutes on a Typical Full Charge

Cutting Deck
Cutting Width : 9.4"
Cutting Height (min-max) : .8"-2.36"
Blades : 3 pivoting razor blades on a cutter disc

Length (in.) : 28.34"
Width (in.) : 22.04"
Height (in.) : 12.2"
Weight (lbs.) : 29.1 lbs.

Cutting Deck
Cutting Capacity : 3/4 Acre +/- 20%

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