Billy Goat MV650H 187cc (Honda) Commercial Push Leaf & Litter Vacuum


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Features for the Billy Goat MV650H - Litter Vacuum


Tired of the aching back pain of raking or walking around with a handheld blower? This Billy Goat MV650H Lawn Vacuum uses a 6-blade impeller to chop up cans, bottles, litter, mulch, and other debris in less time. Gobble up the debris with the 29 inch gobbler door that can be adjusted to suction up a lot of leaves, or a concentrated opening for smaller debris. Gather everything up in the 50 gallon zipperless mesh bag with the best in class unloading/loading for less down time. And, 14 inch tires carry this vacuum over rough terrain and soft, thick surfaces.

  • Honda Engine:Pick up debris with ease and move through your lawn quickly with the 187cc Honda engine.
  • 29" Gobbler Door:The 29 inch gobbler door can be adjusted from the operators position for vacuum control. Open the door wide to suction up a lot of leaves, or slightly close the opening for smaller debris.
  • Adjustable Height Control:Adjust the vacuum height control with a simple hand crank located below the operator’s position for vacuum difference between hard surfaces and thick grass.
  • 6 Blade Impeller:The 6-blade impeller chop up cans, bottles, grass clippings, litter, mulch, and other debris to be sent to the zipperless bag.
  • Surfaces:Larger properties, commercial lots, leaf cleanup, rentals, parks, city streets, and parking lots.
  • Zipperless Mesh Bag;Fill this 50 gallon mesh zipperless bag to the top before emptying for reduced down time and less unloading trips. The best in class loading/unloading ability allows you to slide this bag in and out on rails to reduce back pain.
  • 14 inch Wheels:These tires are large to reduce rolling resistance to make it easier to maneuver around thick turf, hilly areas, and hard surfaces with ease.
  • Low Composite Housing:The low composite housing reduces weight and won’t rust or dent for guaranteed durability and easier maneuvering.
  • Warranty:Feel reassured while vacuuming up debris and leaves with the 2 year residential warranty and a 2 year commercial warranty.

Technical Specs for the Billy Goat MV650H - Litter Vacuum

Engine Brand Honda
Displacement(cc) 187cc
Starting System Pull

Container Capacity 50 lbs.
Load Capacity 40 gallons
Working Width 29 inches

Length (in.) 65.5 inches
Width (in.) 29 inches
Height (in.) 47.5 inches
Weight (lbs.) 162 lbs.

Residential Warranty 2 years
Commercial Warranty 2 years

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