Billy Goat F902SPS Self-Propelled Force Blower with 265 cc Subaru EX Engine


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Have a big property to clear? This unit is perfect for medium size maintenance contractors and large property owners. Stop struggling up hills and increase your productivity by 30% using the Billy Goat F902SPS Self-Propelled Leaf Blower that also features a smooth rounded housing to reduce noise, eliminate air voids, and increases output efficiency, unlike bent metal housing. Leave a lawn with a “just mowed” look with the Aim N shoot feature, allowing you to quickly lower or raise the chute from the operators position to blow up and under heavy piles of leaves and debris. Reach impressive air speeds of almost 200 mph while maximizing productivity with an air volume that is 3.8X more than backpack blower. And finally, use this blower all day with the operator comfort features including quiet operation, ergonomic padded handles, tubular designs to decrease vibrations, and large wheels to take you over the roughest terrain.

  • Commercial-Grade Subaru Engine:Easy starting and a powerful, commercial performance is available with the 9 HP/262cc engine for maximum leaf blowing ability.
  • Advanced 17 inch Fan:Consistent airflow is enhanced by the 17 inch, 16 blade closed fan that offers twice as many blades as other blowers on the market.
  • Self-Propelled Drive System:Forget struggling up hills and slopes, put the power of the self-propelled drive system to the test to blow through lawns quickly increasing productivity up to 30%.
  • Patented Aim N Shoot™:Quickly lower or raise the discharge chute with a convenient airflow control lever located near the operator’s position. More force will be directed down to the blow up and under heavy piles of leaves and debris, the closer the chute is to the ground.
  • Air Volume & Speed:Productivity and operation is increased with 3.8X the air volume of backpack blowers and air speed reaching almost 200 mph.
  • Smooth Rounded Housing:A smooth rounded design eliminates air voids, reduces noise, and increases output efficiency, unlike bent metal housings. Also, weight is decreased up to 30% for less effort when pushing.
  • Improved Forward Chute:Blow along retaining walls, fences, houses, or property lines with the improved soft rubber forward chute that’s easy to install with snap on features.
  • Quiet Operation:Make your neighbors or your clients neighbors happy with a quieter operation than steel or backpack blowers.
  • Ergonomic Padded Handles:Comfort for long working hours is provided with the ergonomic padded handles and reduced vibrations from the tubular frame.
  • Large Rear Wheels:Reduce resistance over grass and tread quickly over tough terrain with the 13 X 5 inch large tires.
  • Warranty:Feel reassured while blowing away leaves with the 5 year Subaru engine warranty, 2 year machine warranty, and 5 year housing warranty.

Technical Specs for the Billy Goat F902SPS - Leaf Blower*

Engine Brand : Subaru
Displacement(cc) : 265cc
Power : 9 HP
Starting System : Recoil start
Fuel Capacity : 1.5 gallons

Drive System
Drive Type : Self-Propelled
Wheel Height (front/rear) : 10 X 3 inches, 13 X 5 inches

Engine : 5 years
Residential Warranty : 2 year machine, 5 year housing

Length (in.) : 58 inches
Width (in.) : 29.25 inches
Height (in.) : 32 inches (Housing) 45 inches (handle)
Weight (lbs.) : 143 lbs.

Air Flow
Air Speed : Just under 200 mph
Air Volume : 3.8X the volume of backpack blowers
Impeller (diameter, type) : 17 inch 16-blade single shot composite
Discharge Chute Area : 4 inches

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